Like any community near a river, Riviera does occasionally flood. However, most homes are built for it – either being built on top of elevated garages, or in the higher part of the neighborhood. We gauge floods by the height of the river at the McAlpine Upper gauge, located near the Falls of the Ohio.

McAlpine Upper Gauge Graph


The river’s normal pool – it’s typical water height – sits around 12 feet. Generally, the neighborhood starts receiving pooling water between 26 and 26 and a half feet. Depending on where you live, you may not get water touching your house for a long time after that, around 29 feet in the middle of the neighborhood. To give you a sense for how often that happens, in the last 35 years, the river has reached a height of 26 feet 8 times, and 29 feet only 4 times.

If you live in an elevated house, floods are mostly an inconvenience, rather than devastating. It’s usually a matter of moving what’s in the garage to a higher elevation (typically somewhere in the house), then cleaning out the garage after the flood, and moving everything back in.

Floods are also not a surprise, and we usually have several days’ notice to get our homes ready. Again, we use the projected height at the McAlpine Upper gauge, which is historically pretty accurate.