12.72 ft Current River Height
on 5/29/22 at 7:00am
12.7 ft 3-day Forecast High
on Tue 5/31 at 8:00am

Indian Hills closed at River Road due to flooding

Due to the flash flooding the city has received over the last 24+ hours, Indian Hills Trail has been closed at River Road.¬†While it will continue to rain throughout the day, Saturday and Sunday look dry, so hopefully we’ll get … Continued

River Road open again

River Road has re-opened, now that the river has dropped below 26 feet. Still, please be careful as you drive down River Road between Zorn and downtown, as that area still has pooling water. Due to that and the continued … Continued

Some images from the March 2015 flood

A 4 day long flood creeped through Riviera last week, cresting just below 30ft. The north side, especially non-elevated homes, bore the brunt of the flood, which reached the middle of the neighborhood. As always, if you need any help, … Continued